Emil Rosi without armrest

By Serener


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Material: leather, powder coated aluminum, oak seat
Size: 25.2 x 21.3 x 33.1 inch
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Emil Rosi with armrest

Emil Rosi Chair

Luxuriate stylishly with Emil Rosi. The generous size, supportive form, and sumptuous leather back make this chair supremely comfortable. Use Emil Rosi as a dining chair and invite your friends over for a 10-course meal. Place it in the living room to encourage long conversations. Put clients at ease by adding an Emil Rosi or two in your waiting room or lounge. Never has luxury felt so good.

Design philosophy

Harmony and Ingenuity

The Emil Rosi is handcrafted from aluminum, oak, and leather. The seat is molded oak. The back and armrests are leather, and the frame is aluminum. We hand-stitch leather tabs to the back and armrest pieces, then slide the tabs into pre-cut grooves in the frame. The solution is both practical and striking—a classic Functionals touch.


Luxury Leather

The ultra-contemporary Emil Rosi is rooted in traditional craftsmanship. We make the back and armrests from the highest quality, five mm-thick leather. The hides are tanned over the course of 8 to 12 weeks, and then dyed with metal-free pigments to produce black and cognac leathers. The natural option is not dyed, and will darken with age. All leathers are finished with natural waxes and oils.