Dovetail Cabinet

By Serener


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Material: European Oak
Size: 55.1 x 11.8 x 58.5 inch

Dovetail Cabinet

Give your favorite objects the show-stopping setting they deserve. Airy and serene, the Dovetail Cabinet goes beyond mere storage to the realm of art—the place where sculpture meets furniture design. On a practical level, Dovetail Cabinet works equally well against a wall or free standing a room divider. It’s designed to last, made of silky-smooth European oak and constructed using traditional dovetail joinery.

Design philosophy

A Detailed Look

Well Matched
Carpenters have relied on the dovetail joint for centuries, and no wonder: it is both elegant and effective. Like a jigsaw puzzle, a wedge-shaped like a bird tail at the end of one piece of wood fits snugly within a groove in another piece. As the wood expands, contracts, and bends with changing environmental conditions, the separate pieces support and strengthen each other.

Good Wood

To make Dovetail Cabinet, we slowly dry planks of European oak for an optimal finish. We then use a high-tech mill to precision-cut the ridge and groove of the joint. The dovetail connection extends across the entirety of each plank’s end so that the parts fit together firmly and stay secure—no glue necessary.