Patterns Table linen

By Claire Vos


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Material: 50% organic cotton, 50% organic linen
Size: 108.3 x 65 inch

PATTERNS table linen

The Patterns tablecloth and napkins explore the innate qualities of damask cloth, one of the oldest weaving patterns in the world. For her variation, Vos has chosen a light-grey Scottish plaid that dissolves and reassembles over an expanse of cream-colored linen fabric. The plaid is large-scale in the tablecloth, and smaller in the napkins.

Design philosophy

Package Deal

The tablecloth and napkins come as a beautifully packaged set. It makes a great gift!

One Square at a Time

Claire Vos may have designed Patterns on a computer, but no complex algorithms were employed. Vos manually created each square, a painstaking process with beautiful results.