Bonsai 1

By Roderick Vos


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Material: metal, powder coated aluminum
Size: 6.2 x 3 x 7.3 inch

BONSAI 1 candleholder

Add serenity, grace, and refinement to a room with this one-cup tea light holder. Designer Roderick Vos has spent significant parts of his career in Japan and Indonesia, and the Bonsai reflects his interest in Asian art and culture. Its handcrafted look stems from Vos’s encyclopedic knowledge of materials, technique, and manufacturing technologies.

The Bonsai is also available in a five-cups version.

Design philosophy

Cutting-Edge Technology

Each Bonsai is laser cut from a sheet of metal. The bottom edge is then bent mechanically to transform the flat shape into a three-dimensional form. The final touch is a powder coating treatment that gives the Bonsai the look of wrought iron.

Sleight of Hand

In his work, Roderick Vos aims for the intersection between purity and the transcendent.
As he puts it, “I hope to create products with magical simplicity.”